Week of May 2nd – 6th

This week has been very busy, since we started a new sprint for the first half of May. MarComm has been working on improving this blog, and improving the BSM RKRS presence on social media. This week, the MechE team is working on researching electrical power distribution: looking for off the shelf possibilities, or maybe creating a DIY option. They are also working to try to figure out the power requirements for optimal battery life for the robot. The TestOp team team has been working on creating the hurdles which are required for the mobility task at RoboCup. The programming team is still learning and perfecting their knowledge of programming and focusing on making sure all members of their team understand how to program our robot. The design team, our largest team, has been working on connecting and testing the sensors required for a successful RoboCup competition. They also have been working on setting up a new router, and designing more possibilities of a manipulator arm that would be the best for our robot.

Only 13 more school days until summer, and only 52 days until we leave for Leipzig!

Have a good weekend, more updates to come!

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