Day 1: Arrival in Leipzig

DAYS 1 & 2

After leaving our parents around 5:00 pm, we made our way through security and customs and towards our gate. Our first flight was from MSP to Paris (7h flight), and the food was awesome. We had two hour layover in Paris, which ended up becoming almost four hours because our plane was delayed. We took a bus to our plane from Paris to Berlin and walked across the tarmac to board. We landed in Berlin and we were able to exit the plane from the front AND from the rear. (Dr. Kirwin was VERY excited about that!) 


From there, everyone took a bus to Leipzig (excluding Ms. Hoogenakker and Dr. Kirwin who took a station wagon with our luggage because in Germany, there is a law that luggage cannot be on the seats in a bus, it has to be stored under the bus). Everyone fell asleep on the bus ride to the hotel because we hadn’t been able to sleep very well on the planes and hadn’t really slept in about 24 hours. We missed out on seeing the amazing scenery, including a castle and a million windmills. Our hotel has a pool, and free breakfast. Ms. Hoogenakker said if we speak German to people (not in our group) she will give us stickers. Auf Wiedefsehen (can I get a sticker?)

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