Day 3- Final Practice Day

Hallo! Sorry for the delayed post – we’ve had some wifi difficulties. Expect two posts from us today! Here’s what we wanted to post yesterday.


After a day of trials and many errors, all our hard work and crazy ideas finally paid off.


Our day started out with our German hotel breakfast featuring the addition of meatballs. Some of us then got some snacks at the store near the hotel and headed out to the venue.


Last night, the collective group had the idea to recreate the gears that broke yesterday out of epoxy and resin. Fortunately, when we came back in the morning, some of the gears had hardened and were able to mesh with the gears we already had. Some of us made a run to Bauhaus for baking soda & vinegar to dissolve some of the plaster mold from the gears.


At this point in our journey most of us have fully overcome jet lag, but still need at least one cup of coffee to function normally. Today there were few, but still some jet lag influenced naps (or was it work exhaustion?). We finally finished working on the modifications to the arm, the necessary wiring, and the coding for the sensors and motors.


While we weren’t working on our own robot, some of us helped assemble parts for the arena. Gus, Julian, Zach, Bryan and Evan assembled Ikea furniture for robots in the Home Competition. We broke for lunch around 1pm because most of us were too focused in our work to eat. When we did break, we went to a German McDonald’s near the venue.


Coming back from lunch we were able to get the robot up and running, but without aid from the cameras. The robot work just fine on the smooth flat surface, but when it came time to tackle the tough obstacles of the course it was struggling. After not making it over some of the easier terrain we knew there had to be a problem. Hoping it was only a low battery issue we swapped them out and assembled all back together.

Here’s the video of our robot’s first run!

We were able to finally test the robot around the course, and unfortunately, were left with no video from the course, but we have some of us driving to the course. The arm was non-functional in the video, but we are hoping it will be working tomorrow. It was a long day (about 15 hours of being at the venue for some), and everyone really crashed as soon as we got back to the hotel.

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