Day 6: Final Day of Competition

Today we got to sleep in! Even though it was just 30 minutes extra, everyone agreed it felt amazing.

Our first event of the day was Align, a task we had attempted a few days prior and failed due to the servo motor code interfering with the drive motors. This time, only one camera ended up working (the rear camera) so the judge allowed us to drive backwards through the course and then forwards, assuming we could make it. We ended up getting through the course backwards and half way through going forwards before the timer ran out (meaning we got more points!). Our second and third tasks of the day was Traverse, which we had attempted a few times prior and were given redos of (task 3 was a redo, task 2 we signed up for). Unfortunately, the treads started slipping off the gears when we started turning, so we were unable to complete the task in the allotted time. Our fourth and fifth tasks were unable to be completed as well; the LiDAR system wasn’t working properly, meaning we were unable to create a map of the arena. Our sixth and final task of the day was the sand and gravel ramps. In preparation for this, we adjusted the arm to lower our center of mass and used duct tape to help ensure that no sand or gravel would get into the electronics on the circuit board. We switched drivers for the final task and Zach, our new driver, got us further than we had expected. We almost made it to the sand before the treads started slipping. After a minute or so of the robot not moving, we decided the left tread had a rock caught in it, so we called a reset and pulled all of the gravel out of the treads within the two minute reset and attempted to complete the task. We didn’t complete it—the left motor stopped working about two feet into the arena.

During the day, a group from RoboCup Junior stopped by and we talked with them for a bit about their robots and showed them Ro-Bert and explained how he worked and answered their questions about the Major division of RoboCup  (the division we’re in).

After our final task, we cleaned up our tables and started packing up the robot before our transportation arrived and once we got back to the hotel, we decided what to do in the evening. A group of us decided to go to the city center to watch a public viewing of the Germany vs. Italy football game (soccer in America) and another group decided to stay at the hotel to watch Band of Brothers (and ended up watching parts of the game on TV). For those of you who don’t watch <football/soccer> (which is probably most of you) Germany has never beat Italy in a <football/soccer> match.

Germany won in a sudden-death shootout after overtime in a  tied 1(7)-1(6) match.

The crowd went WILD when Germany won and people in the distance set off fireworks. People put German flags on their windows and held them in their hands, displaying the flag proudly while driving through the city, cheering and screaming in joy. Overall, today started out pretty great (getting points on a task!) and ended pretty great as well (Germany won the game!) and was overall a pretty great day, even though things didn’t exactly go our way.

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