Days 7, 8, and 9

We apologize for not posting for a couple of days, it’s just been so much fun, we didn’t want to stop until we were asleep!

The Finals rounds of RoboCup were pretty amazing to watch. It was definitely nice to have a break from the high stress of making our robot work and getting the opportunity to see all of the other robots complete (or fail) at tasks, watch some of the other competitions, and spend time looking at some of the neat booths set up. For Ms. H, the highlight of the day was to see most of the students gather together and brainstorm changes we would like to make for next year’s robot – isn’t iteration what engineering is all about? We wrapped up the day with dinner outside the hotel – some went to a Greek restaurant, others to a new Mediterranean restaurant. In all, I think the day was pretty amazing.


Yesterday was a day for tourism. We decided against going to Dresden after going to the Thomaskirche where Bach had a residency. There seemed like so much to explore in the city center, it didn’t make sense to spend 3 hours on a train to Dresden. However, some students were able to ride a train for the first time on our way to the City Center. After touring the Thomaskirche, we split up and started exploring for a couple of hours. I think we all walked in different directions. Upon meeting up again, we decided it wasn’t enough, and we’d all like more time to explore. 3 hours later, we decided the same and ended up staying in the City Center until 8:30 pm.

Sites explored: Thomaskirche (Bach), Stassi Museum, House of Mendelssohnn, a couple other churches nearby, many shops, bakeries, and coffee shops. Students picked up some souvenirs and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a needed break from spending so much time in the convention center.


Today we had a rocky start getting our luggage into the bus, but in the end, we all made it into the hotel. We are soon to be off exploring Berlin! Our hotel is right next to a park housing part of the Berlin Wall that I (Ms. H) am looking forward to exploring. My friend Kilian grew up in Berlin and will be meeting us to show us some things we may not otherwise know about and share his German experiences with us. We are not 100% on what the plan is for today. We were hoping for a trip to the grocery store and a picnic in a park, but the weather may not cooperate. If we aren’t home too late tonight, I hope to make another post.


Tomorrow morning we will be leaving the hotel at 4am to make it back to Tegel International Airport and begin our journey home through Paris and back to MSP. I think overall, the trip has been a raging success in many aspects we were hoping it would be.

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