Hackathon 2017!

Greetings from the Hackathon! Last Wednesday, with the help of Pearson VUE, we made tremendous strides with our robots and personal knowledge. The students participating divided into different groups; Computer Vision, Autonomy, Web/UI, Video Streaming. We used smaller robots to test if our programming worked. Check out the details, additional photos and the day’s final video below! Knight Errant Story is on it’s way too!

Computer Vision: A group of students worked closely with James to get automatic motion detection running on our video streams.

Autonomy: Successfully completed the task of Wall Following – the robot is able to self-correct (with the use of sensors) and avoid colliding with walls that surround it.

Web, UI:  Received guidance from experienced coders who helped this team construct a website using html, css, java, and python to control our robot’s features (i.e. the robot’s movements, the robot’s arms, the robot’s sensors, etc.)

Video Streaming: In order to see where our robot is driving, we needed the ability to stream live video to our control website. A number of students and developers helped in this endeavor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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