Week Two

With week two of summer work coming to a close much progress has been made to the robot! Last week I mentioned mounts for a carbon dioxide sensor, speaker, camera, and infrared camera (if you didn’t catch that update read all about our first week here). This week we have successfully created sensor and camera mounts for the front and back of the robot, a key part of our ability to complete readiness tasks at the actual RoboCup.

Another aspect of the RoboCup will be mobility tasks, such as a driver being able to maneuver through a course with no visual of the actual robot besides the mounted camera on the robot itself. We set up testing areas for these tasks with the hope of being able to practice soon.

Above is an example of the type of incline our robot will been to be capable of scaling and descending during the competition.

The driver will have to maneuver the robot around angled poles such as the one above without breaking any of the poles.

Corners and inclines such as this will be part of the mobility tests.

Another mobility task will be testing our robot’s ability to drive in a straight line over two thin boards (pictured above). Just this week we enhanced the robot’s driving capabilities and it is officially driving straight. We also fixed a squeaking noise that the robot was making as it drove, added bonus of the improvement.

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