Week Three

After weeks of hard work, the arm and grasper is finally functioning. The video below shows it attached to the mount, not yet on the robot itself. The next step for the arm will be finishing up the programming for the controls, so we won’t have to manually move it. Along with that we still have to set up a camera mount on the grasper to allow the eventual driver of the robot another camera angle. Hopefully soon we will be able to test the arm’s reach and dexterity.

Rising senior Jack Rickman shows off the arm’s capabilities.

Another exciting advancement has been completing the programming for the motion detection. Part of this detection test will be whether or not the robot will be able to recognize certain warning labels and identify them.


With only three weeks to go until we head out for the RoboCup, the excitement grows with every passing day. “Now that June is over, it’s really starting to set in how close we are to the competition. I’m so excited to get to Japan and show off what we’ve been working so hard on,” rising senior Sophie Herrmann said. This year is especially exciting as a few lucky rising seniors were allowed to go on the trip, as normally only members of the current year’s graduating class have participated.

Next week we will all be taking a break to enjoy the 4th of July, so there won’t be any new updates. However, you can catch up on last week’s progress here. You can also follow us on Twitter here and like our Facebook page here. When it comes time for the competition, we will be updating the blog more frequently, but also giving you real time updates on the competition on our Twitter. Check back on July 14th for another update.


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