Week Four

With only one short week to go until we fly out to Nagoya, RKRS has made huge strides towards our goal. Of course, I have an update on our arm as it has been the focus of roughly half of our time in the past week. The video below is of the first run with the arm being controlled solely by programming. The video doesn’t showcase the arm’s hand, but we should be able to run the arm with the hand soon.



As flashy as the arm is, it isn’t the only notable progress that has been made. The programming teams have made headway on the video recognition software. The software uses specific points on an image that it will recognize when shown the same image later. It is the same concept as Snapchat’s facial recognition. Unfortunately, whether or not the programming is complete in time for the competition will be completely dependent on time, as RoboCup 2017 is approaching quickly.

Creating easy controls for the robot with all its moving parts has also proved to be a bit of a challenge. Hopefully, we will have a more user-friendly method that may resemble a gaming controller, but that will also be subject to the amount of time we have to work before the competition.

On a more positive note, after having learned a bit about Japanese culture (food, manners etcs) to prepare for our trip, we received our polos and jumpsuits! With one week left before the team goes to Japan, the jumpsuits were the perfect way to excite everyone before the trip. Next week, the blog post will come one day early, on Thursday, as on Friday, we will be on our way to Nagoya! Stay up to date on our trip by checking in on this blog and by following us on twitter here and liking our Facebook page here. When it comes time for the trip, I will be updating the blog more frequently, and hopefully doing some live-tweeting of the actual competition.


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