Week Five

With just about twelve hours until the team starts the trek to Nagoya, I have a few final updates on the robot and a peak into what we will be doing once we arrive.

First of all, I have some final news on the arm. We have been following its progress for weeks, and the final result is here in the form of two videos. The first shows the arm with the grasper finally attached and moving.

This second video shows the grasper hand in action, grabbing a PVC pipe to replicate a door knob like what the robot will need to be able to open during the competition.

The third and final video shows the robot maneuvering through an obstacle course built to replicate the obstacle course at the RoboCup.

This week was mostly spent testing the robot and then packing it up to prepare for the long flight it and we have to Japan. This week has also built up much anticipation towards the trip outside of the competition. While the RoboCup is the primary event of the trip, we will also be experiencing as much of the Japanese culture as possible. “One goal is certainly to take in and appreciate Japanese culture while we are there, and I hope that an international experience touches each of [the students] to become better global citizens,” Ms. Kirsten Hoogenakker, the head of Benilde-St. Margaret’s engineering department who will be going on the trip with us, said.

One of the first events on the agenda will be a day trip to Kyoto via a bullet train, a high-speed Japanese train that can reach up to 320 kilometers per hour. We will be doing many cultural activities while there, including a bike tour and samurai lessons. We will also have time to explore Nagoya and experience many Japanese foods and markets.

Thank you all so much for following the blog so far, and I hope you continue to stay up to date on our trip and especially the competition. Follow our twitter here and like our Facebook page here for more updates. I will be posting more frequently than weekly while we are in Japan, so check on the blog more often to see all my posts.

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