Day Four

Day four was filled with setting up the robot for the competition. We have two days before the RoboCup officially starts to assemble and run tests on our robot.

The first thing we did was organize our workspace. Kudos to Morgan Williams and Sophie Herrmann for sorting and labeling every last tool. See below for part of the finished product.

After our pit was set up, we assembled the robot. The rest of the day was spent running tests and troubleshooting any problems that arose. We also spent plenty of time admiring the other robots in the room.

We had our first opportunity to talk to the other teams and check out their robots. After talking to other competitors and coaches, we learned that one reason teams keep coming back to RoboCup is the amount of interaction between teams. Collaboration is a key component of RoboCup. Oftentimes teams will compare the different ways they went about building various components of robots, like arms and tracks. Being the only high school in the major league, we gleaned as much information as possible in the hopes of continually improving our robot.

The day was filled with ups and downs, but the good news is that we have the entirety of tomorrow to run tests and make last minute improvements. The other good news is that the convention center is right next to Legoland.

It was a long day, we worked right up until they shut off the power and kicked us out. Hopefully we get a well deserved, good night’s sleep before getting up for another long day tomorrow. Follow our twitter here and like our Facebook page here for more photos and updates!

One thought on “Day Four”

  1. I’m super impressed, Red Knights – looking forward to continuing to follow along as the official competition starts. Sending a whole lot of successful vibes your way from BSM as you work on the finishing touches!
    PS: Did you all finally settle on the robot’s name?


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