Day Six

Day six is here and with it comes the competition. We started the day off strong, earning points on the crossover task, where the robot needs to traverse uneven, slanted blocks. Congratulations to our driver on that task, Stephanie Roberts.

From there, we went to the cylindrical pipes, but, unfortunately, we did not have time to get our wrist working properly and complete the task. Carson Knoer was the driver for that task, and his infectious optimism has all of us convinced that we will be able to complete these tasks next time.

The next task was traverse, going up and down an incline. Stephanie was extremely successful and scored us the more points than in any task we have completed so far. We then continued to make improvements on our robot to prepare for the task of opening a door with the grasper and maneuvering through it. Unfortunately, we didn’t successfully complete that one. Carson is confident in his abilities, though, as there were connectivity issues between the monitors and the cameras which made seeing the door knob extremely difficult.

We then switched drivers back to Stephanie for the negotiation task: driving through a series of slanted pipes without breaking any pipes. With this task, as with all of them, it is important to remember that the driver can only see from the cameras positioned on the robot. While the task may look relatively simple, with only some of the information it is extremely challenging. We nearly completed this task, which is especially impressive considering only one team so far today has been successful. While we didn’t score any points, the run was a success, as we realized we could do one of the dexterity readiness tests. The number of points we earn on each task is multiplied by the number of readiness tests done. This means that being capable of the dexterity readiness tests could earn us many more points later on.

Our final task of the day was the align task. Matthew Nyberg drove the robot. While we didn’t earn any points, we have a game plan for the next time we attempt this task.

Another exciting opportunity for RKRS: Lauren Copland is a deputy judge for the Curb task (pictured below). She’s learned the ins and outs of the judging process while closely observing the competition’s robots. As always take a look at more photos from the trip on our Facebook and check in on our Twitter daily for more timely updates.

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