Day Seven

We started day seven with a driver switch up, as Jack Rickman took the wheel for the align task. Unfortunately, issues with balance prevented us from gaining any points that round.

Those same issues with balance damaged our arm, which caused us to scramble to prepare for the next task: shielding. For shielding you need to take triangular prism blocks and create a wall with the pieces. We weren’t able to earn any points then, but we were successful on the next tasks.

Jack Rickman skillfully maneuvered our robot on the parallel pipes. Here there are multiple sets of 5 PVC pipes sticking up from the ground with caps on them. To complete the task you need to touch the center of the cap with the center of your grasper. We tapped three caps, so, with the readiness multipliers, we earned 8 points.

From there, Stephanie Roberts started driving again for one of the tasks she did yesterday, traverse. She greatly improved compared to yesterday, and we left that task with 32 more points.

Unfortunately, our luck didn’t last. When we moved on to the door task, our arm was malfunctioning. Carson Knoer tried his hardest with only the shoulder joint working, but it couldn’t be done.

After switching drivers once more back to Stephanie, we attempted the center task. Stephanie maneuvered through a corner which was narrowed to force the robot to take a sharp turn. She finished one run in the time allotted, earning four more point for the team. All in all, we ended the day with 47 points, almost doubling the amount of points we earned in the whole of last year’s competition.

Finally, at the end of the day they allowed all competitors to enter a drone flying contest. The hope is to compile data about how easy it is to train and teach novices how to fly a drone, so they used the competitors here to create a sample size. Many of the RKRS team partook in the opportunity. Thirty people went tonight, and the top ten are allowed to go on tomorrow. Check in on our Twitter to see if anyone from RKRS made it and take a look at more photos from the trip on our Facebook.

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