Day Eight

For the final days of preliminaries, we started the day off extremely strong. Stephanie Roberts attempted the center task once again. Yesterday, she earned four points on it. Today, she increased our score on the task to twenty, with four multiplier points and five full runs of the course.

She continued her run of success when she started the align task, where the robot needs to cross a bridge of two planks set to the distance of the robot’s treads. We’ve tried the task both of the other days and failed each time, but today, Stephanie earned eight points, with two cycles of the course and four readiness multipliers.

After those successes, Jack Rickman was up to attempt the omni-directional pipes.

In this task, we get points for four things the grasper can do: inspect, touch, rotate, and extract. To inspect we need to position our grasper in such a way that the camera attached to it can see inside the pipe. Touching the top of the pipe with the grasper also gains a point. Points for rotation can only be won is the cap on top of the pipe rotates a full 180 degrees. Finally, after the grasper needs to pick up the cap and place it into a box to the side of the pipes to get points for extraction. After some technical difficulties, Jack managed to score two points on this task.

From there, we went on to the similar parallel pipes task. The task is the exact same, except the pipes are set up with a 90º angle with the ground. We got off on a bit of a rough start, but eventually Jack earned 12 points, 4 more than yesterday.

Unfortunately, that was where our triumphs stopped. Jack tried the negotiate task one last time, and we couldn’t navigate through all the makeshift rubble. Stephanie then attempted the hurdles challenge which involved going down two steps backwards, go up those steps forwards, and go down a step twice as steep. We were able to go down the first steps, but we couldn’t manage to ascend the stairs again.

Sadly, that was the end of our competing in RoboCup for 2017, as we did not qualify for finals tomorrow. On a happier note, Noah Swindlehurst qualified for the second round of drone flying, so keep a look out for updates about that on our Twitter. Check out our Facebook for photos from the trip.

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