Day Nine


On day nine our whole team collectively took a breath and relaxed for the first time since getting back to Nagoya. Not advancing to finals was bittersweet, as that meant we were done competing, but we also had a chance to watch the finals.
One quick update from yesterday’s blog, Noah Swindlehurst unfortunately did not advance into the finals of the drone flying competition. However, I do have a few photos and a video of his flying skills.

When we arrived this morning at the RoboCup, the first thing we did was take apart Robert the robot and pack it back up into cases. We then took a few hours to watch the finals of the rescue competition along with robot soccer and the juniors of rapidly manufactured robots.
As for the rescue robot finals, it was dramatic. The standings finished with iRap robot from Thailand in second place and YRA from Iran winning. iRap was winning going into finals, but partway through one of the runs their robot started smoking and eventually caught fire. Everyone was okay, but the Thai team was pretty disappointed.
Later in the day, the whole team went out to Karaoke to bond. I would give you the highlights from the night, but every song was performed so well I don’t think any one took the cake.

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